Not all construction companies are the same. Corna Kokosing’s brand of Integrity, Quality and Commitment was developed after we surveyed our clients and asked them, “What makes us different from our competitors?” These three qualities are not mere words, rather, they are the core values and behaviors that are delivered to each client and every project that we build. So what do our associates do differently?

We place our clients first.

Our unwavering commitment to our clients is a leading reason why clients say they hire us repeatedly.

We embody quality.

It is embedded in our training programs; it is emphasized in our associates’ performance reviews.

We take it personally.

Because every project and every reference matters to us.

We manage and build.

Corna Kokosing is the largest self-performing contractor in Central Ohio. We manage projects better because we have a refined understanding of productivity and how to schedule labor, materials, and equipment.

We make safety a lifestyle, not just a rule.

We have a Safety 24/7 program that reinforces a “safe way of life” which helped lead to our AGC of America Construction Safety Excellence Award.

Construction Management
General Contracting
Design Build
Self Perform Trades
BIM & 3D Modeling

Construction Management

Corna Kokosing has a long history of completing projects under Construction Management Agency (CMa) and Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) delivery methods. Corna serves as the owner’s advocate in providing cost estimates, master schedules, phasing and logistic plans, constructibility reviews, purchasing strategies and value analyses on the implications of alternate designs, systems and materials. Corna will plan, schedule and document projects in order to minimize changes and avoid claims. We ensure that our schedules are thorough, attainable, have “buy-in” from the entire team and have flexibility to accommodate changes.

For owners who have never used a Construction Management delivery method, it is important to note that we maintain an open-book policy so that all costs are transparent.

General Contracting

We are not risk adverse—Corna Kokosing began as a lump-sum general contractor and continues to work under this delivery method to this day. We are comfortable in this role because of our proven record of completing even the most challenging projects on time and on budget—with all of the risk assigned to us.

In this traditional delivery system, the owner engages a designer to prepare the design of the complete facility, including construction drawings, specifications and contract packages. Although usually not optimal for most complex, ill-defined, or schedule-sensitive projects, this contracting system is common for straightforward projects with well-established and clearly defined roles for the parties involved.

Design Build

Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value analysis and constructibility are utilized continuously and more effectively when the designers, contractors and vendors work as one during the entire design and construction process.

Because design and construction overlap under this method, and because bidding periods and redesign are eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced and an early cost guarantee can be established. Design Build is ideal for simple building construction and the application of a “fast track” schedule.

Self Perform Trades

Our trade competencies, combined with our management skills, provide us with a comprehensive and refined understanding of costs, scheduling of material, labor and equipment, and productivity—much more than construction firms who are only construction agents or brokers.

Additionally, as a self-performing contractor, we have the capacity to intervene and supplement forces in the field if a subcontractor is deemed non-performing. We can rely on our own forces, rather than have to wait for another subcontractor’s availability. The result is a quicker response, greater flexibility, and increased productivity.

Our self perform trades include Carpentry, Casework, Concrete, Drywall/Acoustical Ceilings, Rigging & Millwright, Selective Demolition, and Steel Erection.

BIM & 3D Modeling

Corna Kokosing uses the latest 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Our in-house Central Engineering Services department provides advanced 3D modeling and BIM/VDC workflows that utilize highly detailed layouts for cost estimating, clash detection and design analysis of MEP, structural and architectural systems and components. We have the ability to provide high-quality 3D renderings, virtual walkthroughs and 4D construction sequencing and scheduling simulations. The use of this technology has resulted in time and cost savings to our owners, subcontractors and us.


Josh Corna

I have always been taught to do quality work, treat the client with fairness and respect and protect their money and budget as if it were your own.

Josh has held various positions, including laborer, laborer foreman, project engineer, superintendent, project manager, project executive and divisional head. He is responsible for all operations of the company, hires and directs project professionals, and ensures the smooth delivery and success of each project.

How I began my career in construction:

I worked summers in grade school, high school and college.

How I give back:

I am on non-profit boards that help the community and industry boards.

Why I like being in construction:

Every day is different and unique with different challenges, successes and interaction with people at all levels of the business.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

That I was a good builder, that I was fair with the client and all those involved in the process, that I helped the industry get better and that I helped our associates have challenging and rewarding careers.

Jim Negron
Executive Vice President

Thanks to our associates’ expertise, we are known for building complex projects and we get satisfaction out of the largest challenges.

As an executive of the company, he has played a significant role in client development and the growth of the firm, and his skills with each client’s particular needs so that service excellence and desired project outcomes are achieved.

How I began my career in construction:

In high school, I got the opportunity to engage in an apprenticeship program and receive valuable hands-on learning in the field.

How I give back:

I am a member of the Builder’s Exchange of Central Ohio and I sit on the Board of Directors for the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus and Catholic Social Services.

Why I like being in construction:

One of the things I enjoy most about this business is the ability to pass on my knowledge, experience and what I have learned to someone else.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

I want people to remember me as someone who had as much interest in their success as they did, and someone who had their best interest in mind.

Jim Graves

Integrity is the foundation for which we build relationships with our associates, clients and subcontractors.

Jim is responsible for the integrity of the company’s general accounting, including job costing and tax reporting and overall P&L authority for the financial statement, analysis of budgets and forecasting.

How I began my career in construction:

Construction offers many different types of career paths, from skilled craft careers covering different trades, to jobs in management covering a wide scope of activities.

How I give back:

Member of Construction Financial Management Association to help improve the integrity of our industry and provide scholarships to those wanting careers in construction accounting.

Why I like being in construction:

It offers the opportunity to create and to build.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

That my department upheld and raised the level of integrity and trust not just to our organization, but to our clients, vendors and subcontractors.

Layne Wortman
Director of Safety

Safety compliance has become the norm. It takes dedicated people with a positive attitude to achieve safety excellence.

Layne is responsible for managing environmental, health and safety programs for all Corna Kokosing projects. He serves as a resource to identify, eliminate and control hazardous conditions that may lead to injury or property damage.

How I began my career in construction:

I served as an owner’s rep for renovations and new construction. Shortly thereafter, I worked for a general contractor as a project manager and safety director.

How I give back:

I have been a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. I have held board positions in Indianapolis and in Columbus. I am currently serving as the vice president for the Central Ohio chapter. I serve on the planning committee for the OSU OSHA Safety Day.

Why I like being in construction:

The construction industry provides each day with new opportunities and challenges.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

It is my hope that I will have positively impacted the individuals I have worked with.

Meagan Tener
Talent Manager

People are my passion. I love hearing their stories and what motivates and inspires them.


Meagan’s position has accountability and responsibility for the vision and promotion of talent and performance management that cultivates Corna Kokosing’s success.

How I began my career in construction:

My dad worked in the construction industry as an Engineer and Area Manager so I was always around construction projects and equipment. He also worked for Kokosing for a number of years before he passed away so I was familiar with what a great organization Kokosing was even before I started.

How I give back:

I have dedicated a lot of my time to the Central and Southern Ohio ALS Chapter. I was a Board Member for 6 years and currently participate in their annual Walk to Defeat ALS. We have raised over $100,000 for the organization. This organization is dear to my heart as my mom passed away from ALS in 2010.

Why I like being in construction:

I like seeing the work we build, knowing that I am a small part of it, and showing it to my kids. I love the people and how much pride they take in their work.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

I hope to ensure that the team members who work here continue to think that Corna Kokosing is the best place to work, based on the benefits, education, and engagement we provide.

Mike Schmitt
Director of Operations

We thrive on complex projects that sustain the growth of our client’s business.

Mike provides day-to-day leadership and guidance to the project teams. He implements plans and policies to achieve overall corporate objectives and ensure maximum operating results while maintaining safety, quality and profitability.

How I began my career in construction:

My continual curiosity for how things are built created a natural path that lead me to the construction industry.

How I give back:

I seek to give back in any way possible and believe selfless giving defines the pathway to becoming a transformational and authentic leader.

Why I like being in construction:

It is humbling to be part of an organization that has a constant and visible impact on the region.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

To transform the image of the construction industry into that of a highly sophisticated, organized, customer focused, and forward thinking culture while maintaining the work ethic that is fundamental to our success.

David Rossi
Regional Manager

As Regional Manager, David provides leadership for the Operations and Client Relations of the Indianapolis office.

How I began my career in construction:

My father and older brother were both engineers and have long careers in the construction industry. Visiting job sites and seeing the work from a very young age lead me to move forward with a construction career as well.

How I give back:

My family and I are active members in our church which provides us opportunities to help those in our church and community.

Why I like being in construction:

It’s challenging, but rewarding. I like being part of a team and bringing client’s dreams to life.

Tom Simko
Project Executive

Success is a byproduct of design and a derivative of passion, strategy, creativity and perseverance.

As a primary point of contact to owners, Tom provides leadership and direction to ensure every project for which he is responsible stays on schedule and within budget. He maintains a solid preconstruction planning and scheduling foundation.

How I began my career in construction:

I was drawn to the dynamic nature of construction during my time as an intern with Bove Engineering in Greensburg Pennsylvania.

How I give back:

I have held committee positions with non-profit organizations, participated in fund raising events and look forward to further extending myself to the Columbus community.

Why I like being in construction:

The challenges associated with delivering unprecedented professional services and providing innovative and economical approaches to customers fuels my daily routine.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

To be recognized by my peers and associates as a professional authority that gave back to the community and supported the industry growth.

John Dannemiller
Project Executive

Our mentality provides a unique perspective when making decisions that affect the long term impact to the project once the construction process is over.

With a focus on industrial and manufacturing projects, John excels at building the right team to meet the project needs in regards to budget, technical difficulty, schedule and integration with ongoing operations where needed.

How I began my career in construction:

As a kid, my dad taught me basic carpentry skills that set my mind in motion toward the ideas of being able to build what my mind could imagine.

How I give back:

I have always viewed construction as a service industry. No matter what we build, whether schools, churches, office buildings or manufacturing spaces it is all done for others so they can accomplish their goals and mission.

Why I like being in construction:

I love starting with an idea and seeing the many aspects and people involved in developing it into a finished product that serves others for years to come.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

To be recognized as someone that sought out advancement of our industry through promoting growth and advancement.

T.J. Baggett
General Superintendent

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

T.J. manages the field operations by providing direction and guidance to project superintendents, foreman, and all field associates.

How I began my career in construction:

I worked with my older brother framing houses through high school. While attending the Fairfield Career Center carpentry program, I was employed by Corna Kokosing in the summer of 1996. I immediately enrolled in the apprenticeship program.

How I give back:

I am an Advisory Committee member for Eastland-Fairfield Career Center’s construction trades. I am also an active volunteer with the non-profit, Central Ohio Bicycle Racing Association, to keep BMX alive in Columbus.

Why I like being in construction:

I enjoy being in the construction industry because it is constantly changing and evolving.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

I hope to inspire others to never doubt what they can achieve in life through hard work and dedication.

Joe Corna
Director of Preconstruction

Corna Kokosing has great relationships with subcontractors. These relationships make my job enjoyable.

Joe brings years of experience on a wide variety of projects to pre-construction services that assure clients the best value for their construction investment. With a combination of experience with contractors and developers, Joe understands what is required to make a project successful.

How I began my career in construction:

I grew up with it and never thought about any other career.

How I give back:

I like to help young people develop their knowledge of the industry.

Why I like being in construction:

I enjoy the challenge of taking art and finance and turning it into a permanent structure that will be used to inspire and entertain.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

That you can work hard and have fun meeting the challenges we face.

Mike Girouard
Preconstruction Manager

It is our mission in pre-construction to bring all of our tools and expertise to craft successful projects before the first shovel is placed in the ground.

Mike plans, coordinates, and supervises Corna Kokosing’s preconstruction program providing technical and administrative direction to ensure company objectives are met, while ensuring client satisfaction.

How I began my career in construction:

I was intrigued by the creative nature of the industry and the lasting impact that it had on the community and landscape. I am an Engineer by trade and have always been drawn to analytics and efficiency improvement.

How I give back:

I approach my job with the mindset that I want to deliver the best possible product to the Owner at the best possible price.

Why I like being in construction:

I enjoy helping to shape our future by helping to streamline our business practices.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

I hope to be remembered for my leadership, both in the eyes of my colleagues and clients. I hope to have left my mark by being part of paving the course to a long and prosperous future for Corna Kokosing.

Rich Martin
Chief Estimator

We frequently take on difficult projects with tight budgets and tight schedules.

Rich’s expertise lies in value analysis of building systems and helping owners make well-informed decisions. His duties include preparing conceptual, preliminary, and detail estimates, negotiating projects in the commercial market and soliciting and negotiating subcontractor bids.

How I began my career in construction:

I began my career working a summer job as a laborer with a small, self-performing general contractor that exposed me to many aspects of construction.

How I give back:

Our company is very active in the community and I participate in as many fundraising and charitable opportunities that I can.

Why I like being in construction:

Technology and industry means and methods are always changing, which means you have to constantly learn and adapt to stay competitive.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

Hopefully, I have many more years in the industry to establish my legacy!

Mitch Vincent
Director of Business Development

We build more than buildings. We build relationships, futures and communities that will last for generations.

Mitch develops and fosters genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with existing and prospective clients. He is also works to embrace and grow a culture of strategic thinking within the organization.

How I began my career in construction:

Early in life it started with my vast collection of Legos and progressed into forts in the living room and treehouses in the backyard. My desire to continue building led me to civil engineering and ultimately to Corna Kokosing.

How I give back:

This calling has led me to serve on the facility planning committee of my church, as well as mentor and coach students for various construction industry competitions.

Why I like being in construction:

The construction industry provides opportunities to start with a concept, develop a plan and build projects that have a direct impact on a community.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

That my leadership empowered those I encountered and provided those individuals with opportunities to discover the leader in themselves.

Matt Ference
Business Development Manager

Relationships are the foundation in which this industry was built on, and we carry that tradition to each and every client we work with.

Matt works to develop, plan, and implement new business relationships and project opportunities for the company’s services, focusing on the industrial and manufacturing market sectors.

How I began my career in construction:

The construction industry afforded me something so unique in the job force, in that every project is different, which is why I gravitated to it.

How I give back:

I serve my community and industry through several boards, organizations and fundraising events, but the most rewarding way I give back is through coaching youth and high school sports.

Why I like being in construction:

From learning from mentors in this industry to sharing in a vision with clients, interacting and working toward a common goal has made this job enjoyable.

What I hope my legacy in the construction industry will be:

That the projects that I participate in be timeless, sustainable and meaningful, so that generations to come will benefit from our time and resources spent today.

We back up what we do with a reputation built upon impeccable integrity.


Kokosing, Inc. (Kokosing) is an Ohio-based, family-owned construction group with roots that go back to the 1950s when Bill Burgett founded Kokosing Construction Company. Today, Kokosing includes seven companies and operates in six states (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky). Kokosing offers clients the accessibility of a local firm with the stability and resources of one of the largest contractors in the region. The depth of our capability is reflected in the variety of projects we build and the materials we supply; from commercial buildings, industrial facilities and power plants to transportation, pipelines and marine projects. Kokosing’s equipment is the largest, most modern, and environmentally friendly, privately-owned fleet in the Midwest. With an over $2 billion bonding capacity and $1 billion annual revenue, customers are rest assured by Kokosing’s financial strength and undisputed reputation. As part of Kokosing, Corna Kokosing can leverage the strengths of all the companies and provide clients with more resources, capabilities, capacity, experience and value than any other contractor in the region.

  • 3,500 associates
  • $1 billion Annual Revenue
  • $2 billion Aggregate Bonding Capacity
  • $350 million worth of Equipment Assets
  • Consistently ranked an ENR Top 100 Contractor

Business Units


Kokosing Industrial

Kokosing Construction Company




Kokosing Materials, Inc.

The Olen Corporation

History: A Legacy of Growth

1956 1976 1986 1995 1998 2012 2016 2017
1956 1976 1986 1995 1998 2012 2016 2017


Childhood friends Al Corna, a stone mason, and Joe DiCesare, a carpenter, formed Corna & DiCesare Builders and started building houses. Their first office was located on 5th Avenue. Al and Joe shared a desk made of a wooden door on two saw horses.


Al Corna’s son Mark, who was a union trained carpenter, started The M.S. Corna Company, a general contracting firm that specialized in concrete, masonry and carpentry work. The company was involved with building many of the high rises and parks in downtown Columbus during the construction boom of the late 1970’s and early 80’s, including Battelle Riverfront Park, Grant Hospital, The Ohio Theatre Esplanade, AEP Headquarters and Nationwide Two, among others.


Corna & DiCesare Builders and The M.S. Corna Company merged to form Corna & DiCesare Construction Company. The company flourished with a strong foundation of repeat, private-sector commercial clients, including The Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Medco, The Schroer Group, Schottenstein Stores, Casto Development and many others. Revenues grew from $4.5 million in 1986 to $75 million in 1995.


Corna & DiCesare Construction Company became part of The Kokosing Group and changed its name to Corna Kokosing Construction Company. The company gained financial strength (aggregate bonding capacity in excess of $1 billion), as well as professional depth and major equipment resources (3,500 associates; Top 200 construction equipment owners in the U.S.).


Land was purchased at I-270 and Westerville Road to form the Westerville Industrial Park. The office/headquarters was built there — the construction reflects the company’s skilled craftsmen, quality standards, and culture.


Despite one of the most challenging three-year spans in the history of the construction industry, Corna Kokosing hits all-time revenue high and is ranked No. 1 (based on 2011 construction contract values in central Ohio), according to Columbus Business First. Significant projects for repeat clients such as the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, Steiner & Associates, Ohio University and Honda were completed.


Corna Kokosing is chosen as a Top Workplace. Winners were measured on: company leadership, communications, career opportunities, working environment, managerial relationships, pay, and benefits.


Corna Kokosing expands its regional footprint by opening a new full-service office in Indianapolis, IN.